Consistent Depth of Moving Objects in Video

Zhoutong Zhang 1, 2 Forrester Cole 1 Richard Tucker 1 William T. Freeman 1,2 Tali Dekel 1, 3

 1 Google Research  2 MIT  3 Weizmann Institute of Science

Our method estimates geometrically and temporally consistent depth from a general video containing fast-moving objects and camera motion. The input video (a) contains a continuous camera dolly motion following the moving person and puppy. This is a difficult case for depth estimation due to the correlated motion between camera and subject. The video is shown reprojected into the camera at frame t using our predicted depth (b), with disparity maps of the re-projection shown below (c). On the bottom: x-t slices for the horizontal line marked in red on frame t in (a). (d) The slice of the original video (top) shows both camera and objects' motion (slanted lines in the background, twisted lines in the foreground). The slices of the re-projected frames(e)(f) show the camera fixed relative to the background (vertical lines), and foreground objects moving relative to the camera (twisted lines).


We present a method to estimate depth of a dynamic scene, containing arbitrary moving objects, from an ordinary video captured with a moving camera. We seek a geometrically and temporally consistent solution to this underconstrained problem: the depth predictions of corresponding points across frames should induce plausible, smooth motion in 3D. We formulate this objective in a new test-time training framework where a depth-prediction CNN is trained in tandem with an auxiliary scene-flow prediction MLP over the entire input video. By recursively unrolling the scene-flow prediction MLP over varying time steps, we compute both short-range scene flow to impose local smooth motion priors directly in 3D, and long-range scene flow to impose multi-view consistency constraints with wide baselines. We demonstrate accurate and temporally coherent results on a variety of challenging videos containing diverse moving objects (pets, people, cars), as well as camera motion. Our depth maps give rise to a number of depth-and-motion aware video editing effects such as object and lighting insertion.



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Consistent Depth of Moving Objects in Video
Zhoutong Zhang, Forrester Cole, Richard Tucker, William T. Freeman, Tali Dekel



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